Friday, November 28, 2014

Omnia Hardware

Emtek has been producing door hardware since 1981 starting from making solid brass levers and the company is growing and expanding their product line ever since. Acquired by ASSA ABLOY in 1999 provided Emtek new resources for supplying quality door hardware and expand their product line for a better market share but Emtek has competitors in manufacturing door hardware like Omnia hardware industries, Kwikset, Stanley, Yale and other hardware manufacturers in which all aims to be the best door hardware producer. Emtek hardware has been around since 1981 but Omnia hardware started making door hardware since 1964 giving Omnia hardware’s seniority of over 17 year of experience compared to Emtek.
Omnia hardware product claims to be of incomparable design and superior quality which is similar to Emtek’s claims to be a best door hardware manufacturer. Emtek competitors differ in place of origin, company age and first hardware of specialty. Both Emtek and Omnia hardware industries started with door knobs and levers and as each company grow over the years, Omnia hardware industries also expanded their product line like Emtek but Omnia hardware’s product line are lesser compared to Emtek’s wider selection of bed and door hardware. One may wonder who is the best door hardware manufacturer in the world and there are too many bed and door hardware manufacturer including Omnia hardware, Emtek and its competitors. Emtek competitors may only specialize and manufacture one specific bed and door hardware like how Omnia hardware industries provides bed and door hardware only but Emtek has a wider selection of products since Emtek also produces bathroom hardware along with bed and door hardware.
You may never really tell which is the best door hardware manufacturer between Omnia hardware products and Emtek hardware products until you try both of them since all bed and door hardware producing companies all aims to be the best door hardware manufacturer, along with other related products they manufacture which still aims to be the best . So in terms of your bed and door hardware needs, Emtek hardware and Omnia hardware products can provide your needs along with other Emtek competitors to provide you the best bed and door hardware your looking for.